The Hip And The Happening In The Punk Rock Hinterland…

What is the art of punk, or more accurately what is punk art, indeed should the tag even be allowed, and once it’s been identified should it ever be plopped under perspex in a gallery? Well, we consider that briefly here with the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Some Day All The Adults Will Die’ exhibition in mind, as curated and safety pinned together by Jon Savage and Juan Kugelberg.

Also in this broadcast a fascinating interview with electroclash and dance pop mover and shaker, the superb Alexander Price, and a wise word with the peeps from the Exposure Music Awards….oh and a brief history of masturbatory euphemisms….

But Hey You! don’t wank that, it’s mainly about the great new bands playing on our stages over the next few weeks, of course.

So special recommendations and knicker wetting jubilation is accorded to the hip and happening, the fabled and fabulous, as previewed in this cloudcast.

Fjokra are certainly one of those acts that defy description, and god knows there’s not enough of those around in these penny pinched clichee ridden days…taking a hint of Queen like high drama and wanton camp, and firing it all up with achingly good pop tunes via a boy/girl vocalese wrestling sesh, Fjokra are enigmatic in the extreme…hopefully the enigma wont deter the potential fans coz this is pop music at it’s finest and is certainly imbued with the sort of commercial nous most bands can only sniff at when hoovering up chump from their fave stars’ CD case…check it out here and in The Dublin Castle Friday 28th Sept…cheaply thus.

See Cinemawave in The DC the following nite, Sat 29th September , launching the new single from the firmly angular but ever rocking ‘Can You Hear The Silence’ long player, produced by the peerlessPaul Tipler at Unit 13. That single is the mighty fine ‘Rocket Science’ as spun here….shimmersome cascades and uber punchy alt rocknroll in equal measure, Cinemawave display a rich exotic blend of indie rocknroll…coming on like The Rapture meets British Sea Power and -whisper it- a hint of Duran Duran-ish danceable post punk pop here too, not to mention The Chameleons, The Smiths and The Bunnymen! Guaranteed to get the indie chicks and chaps alike a dancin and a prancin.

And also spun here and to be found in The Dublin Castle, Sat 6th October, Damn Vandals…and their new single release ‘This Amazing’….Damn Vandals’ ‘Done For Desire’ album has literally had across the board 10/10 reviews or near as Damn it and Vandalise it…see what all the fuss is about on this brillo bill live, and catch the single here.. Where The Godfathers meet The Bunnymen and get gear n groovy.


Another really fine young band we’re cockahoop to be presenting in The Dublin Castle on Fri 5th Oct are Raglans, outta Dublin’s fair city and hopefully in a home from home feel good loved up gooey mess for your delectation……exquisitely delivered folkish art pop that has turned some pretty impressive heads- hence Morrissey’s left hand Boz Boorer has been producing their exciting new work- hear the smasheroo that is ‘Digging Holes’ from the Long Live EP, BUY IT on Bandcamp…brilliant vid too..a rural romp right after my bucolic heart it is too..

And do yerself a massive favour and be sure to catch the implausibly monikered Missa Watanabe vs Space Traveler live set on Oct 6th in The Hope and Anchor, Islington…..playing his space jazz meets ska meets breakbeat meets Yello….yeah a Yello for the 2KTeenies with a colourful and artful approach that is very much echoed in the extensively expressive stage performance…what a performance! Twisting out his head blowing tuneology like so many supercharged doobies afore a Heath Robinson cum Doctor Suess cum giant arachnid spiked with mescaline on stage contraption nay living artscape, this is so much more than just slightly bonkers electronic music…it’s insane! Wonderful stuff, should be making major waves….

So, Boxing The Jesuit, Bashing The Bishop, Spanking The Monkey……give us your best loved euphemism for cracking one off on Twitter @bugbearmusic ….